We are entering that lull brought on by the intense heat of midsummer that forces you to slow your Self down; to breathe more deeply, more intentionally to break through the malaise.  Despacito (slowly) and purposefully, let’s take a moment to reflect on the way in which our rhythms, that of our bodies and of our days, respond to energy around us.  This time of year it is important to eat more fresh, cold fruits and dishes that juxtapose against the slow simmer of a summer day. Especially with the ever so hectic rhythm of our daily lives which take us away from moments of reflection and calm that refresh our mind and soul.  A cold fruit drink to spring our bodies back from the slump of the heat, embracing the coolness as it coats us, is one way to re-energize our body.

So too can we help our minds refocus on the present when we let go of our preoccupations with the what-ifs of our past and those restless moments of anxiety.  For some of us, finding the peaceful calm to enjoy life’s present moment can be a greater challenge.  It eludes us, or moves over us too quickly to positively harness it to our psychic needs.  Often times we simply do not hear the rhythm of our spirit loudly enough to know what those needs are.  Establishing a space to hear our bodies and minds speak our spiritual truth is a lifelong process. Creating that meditative rhythm takes time and practice.  But it is by virtue of surpassing that threshold that one reaches a state of embodiment, when our mind, body and spirit begin to align and create a synergistic energy within us; one that provides new perspective of our Self and our surroundings.  That meditative state can come from many pleasurable activities beyond what you think of when meditation is mentioned, it’s not just the cross-legged yogi stance.  Meditative walking, walking with a focus on one’s breathing and body rhythm is a great way to enjoy nature and harness additional health benefits.  Music and art therapies bring the mind into focus, aligning our energies with expressive modes of being.  Eating slowing, with purpose, mindfully enjoying each texture, each flavor brings a new pleasure to what can be a mundane activity.  Despacito, slowly enjoying the pleasures of life with mindfulness reenergizes us.

Still for others, additional help may be needed to open up our synapses to the anticipation of pleasure, and Ketamine infusion treatment can help.  A press release put out by the National Institute of Health a few years ago highlights the promising treatment that Ketamine infusion provides for individuals who suffer from anhedonia (the loss of the ability to look forward to pleasurable activities) by boosting activity in the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex and related circuitry.  Creating that space for meditative and pleasure-seeking activities is possible for individuals who have a greater challenge.  For more information on the symptoms that Ketamine infused treatments target, and additional research related information, please contact us today for a free consultation.

Ketamine for Depression and Anxiety

Ketamine for Depression and Anxiety

Did you know that 15 million Americans suffer from depression every year? Research shows that only half of those who seek treatment will experience a full recovery from traditional treatments. The other estimated 7.5 million people will try all kinds of medications and therapy, dealing with side effects as their depression continues to worsen.

Ketamine infusions can help patients feel better within hours. Thousands of Ketamine therapy patients suffering from anxiety and depression are now on their way to full recovery, and enjoying more productive, fulfilling lives. Ketamine infusions give patients a soothing sense of mental and emotional clarity, helping them take meaningful steps towards a better future.

With the help of Ketamine therapy, our patients have been able to overcome lifelong battles with depression.

If you or someone you love is in the grip of ongoing anxiety or depression, Ketamine infusion therapy can help. Ketamine therapy is a  clinically proven source of life-changing relief, and is often one of the only treatment options that work when all others have failed. The transformative benefits of Ketamine therapy are being recognized more than ever, by Universities and doctors across the globe.

We’re committed to helping our patients restore balance between heart, body and mind.

At Ketamine Health Centers, we’ve dedicated years to crafting a unique, holistic therapy program that helps patients regain control of their lives. As South Florida’s leaders in ketamine infusion therapy, we’re experts in empowering our patients to live better.

If you or someone you love is in search of real relief from anxiety or depression, speak with one of our medical experts today and discover how Ketamine therapy can help.

Call us today at (305) 856-9442 for your free consultation with our wellness experts or, schedule online now!

Ketamine Infusion Process – What’s It Like?

Ketamine Infusion Process – What’s It Like?

Ketamine therapy is a revolutionary source of relief for patients suffering from mental illness and chronic pain. But, before you decide if it’s the right fit for you, let’s walk through the ketamine infusion process from beginning to end.

For your first visit, we’ll schedule an initial assessment to review your overall health. Our experienced psychiatry team will take you through a comprehensive mental health screening, followed by a general physical and medical exam with a certified nurse anesthetist or anesthesiologist. These tests are designed to give our staff a full picture of your mental and physical health to give you the personalized care you’ll require during your ketamine treatment.

For the safety of our patients, we also conduct a precautionary urine test to rule out indications of illicit drug abuse. We also require proof of a valid prescription for those patients who are actively taking controlled medication. Our pre-treatment process is thorough, but designed with care for your well-being.

After you’ve cleared these initial steps, we’re ready to schedule your infusion sessions. We require that our patients have a pre-arranged ride home from the treatment center, as driving is not permitted within the first several hours of the session. Patients are encouraged to invite a family member, friend or spouse to accompany them to treatment.

On the day of your session, you’ll meet with one of our anesthesia care providers who will walk you through the treatment process in our state-of-the-art facility. When you are at ketamine health centers, it’s time to relax, we will sit you in a comfortable lounge chair , provide you with headphones to listener to music, or you can watch TV while you receive your treatment. Each infusion session last 45-60 minutes and is closely monitored by an anesthesia professionals. After your session is complete, you’ll be led into the spa-like recovery area where our medical staff can assess you before you’re clear to go home.

In the days following treatment, you may already feel improvements in your mood and symptoms. But, we provide our patients with ongoing support to ensure that the benefits of ketamine therapy are long-lasting and meaningful. Our staff will stay in touch with you for periodic phone assessments at your convenience. We are more than happy to be a resource to our previous patients for tips on recovery and maintaining a healthy life. ​​

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