Confronting the Aftermath

Confronting the Aftermath

We live in a delicate balance in nature. Often that balance is overlooked and even ignored with all of the technology and engineering to buffer ourselves. But she never fails to remind us of her presence, her power. Perhaps no natural disaster is as disruptive to our psyche, to our daily life, as a hurricane. The anticipation alone creates a tremendous amount of stress. The uncertainty of a storm’s track as we watch days out, and the ambivalence that experience creates for our decision making, adds layers of anxiety on our psyche. If a storm approaches, panic creeps in during preparations, and naturally the level of fear rises as the anticipation of the storm grows intensely. The down time that comes when all of the preparations are complete usually becomes a waiting game, which adds yet another layer of stress that riding out a hurricane entails. For most it is difficult to turn that down time into quality time because of the fear and excited energy. The strain on one’s psyche and physical health is tremendous, and often there is little time to acknowledge and mitigate it with moments of rest or reflection. While we all may experience some of the same stress throughout the preparations, seeking out the same essential materials and securing our homes in the days before a storm: Every person’s experience of a destructive storm is different. Everyone’s experience of the aftermath, the arduous recover and clean-up process, is very different. After the storm, thankfully (hopefully) with everyone safely together, each person in their own way begins to pick up the pieces and rebuild.

It’s important to keep in mind the different ways in which we need to heal during any aftermath.  A difficult task given the demands on our bodies and our temperaments. Realize that it is impossible to know how a storm has affected someone, what emotional stress has bubbled up or what losses they have suffered. Each person deserves the space and time to heal and work through the rebuilding process at their own pace. We should take time to express our gratitude for our safety and for the cherished things that we hopefully still possess after a storm. Allowing ourselves to feel grateful, also allowing ourselves to grieve the losses not comparing them to anyone else’s, and to empathize with others worse off – these are all aspects of psychic healing, and will help strengthen the bonds of any community. Most often the support required in a particular area is supplied by the members of that community. We see with pride the many images and hear the stories of neighbors helping strangers.  But sadly there are many individuals who do not find a helping hand when needed. Or find they are unable to heal at their own pace due to a myriad of circumstances. For some the loss will be devastating. Others who may have been close to pulling out of a difficult place in their life will find themselves lost again, needing support to get back on their feet continuing their path to emotional and physical health.  For an individual already facing the challenges of depression or chronic pain, confronting the emotional and immediate aftermath of a hurricane can be debilitating.

We are here to help.

By establishing a space to realign one’s emotional energy, Ketamine Infusion treatment provides an effective path to recovery. Providing immediate relief, Ketamine treatment can help with the emotional rebuilding process that is often overlooked in an aftermath. We encourage an open space for restoration and self-healing. Please call us for a free consultation for yourself or someone you love to learn how Ketamine treatment may help in your recovery process.

Ketamine Infusion Process – What’s It Like?

Ketamine Infusion Process – What’s It Like?

Ketamine therapy is a revolutionary source of relief for patients suffering from mental illness and chronic pain. But, before you decide if it’s the right fit for you, let’s walk through the ketamine infusion process from beginning to end.

For your first visit, we’ll schedule an initial assessment to review your overall health. Our experienced psychiatry team will take you through a comprehensive mental health screening, followed by a general physical and medical exam with a certified nurse anesthetist or anesthesiologist. These tests are designed to give our staff a full picture of your mental and physical health to give you the personalized care you’ll require during your ketamine treatment.

For the safety of our patients, we also conduct a precautionary urine test to rule out indications of illicit drug abuse. We also require proof of a valid prescription for those patients who are actively taking controlled medication. Our pre-treatment process is thorough, but designed with care for your well-being.

After you’ve cleared these initial steps, we’re ready to schedule your infusion sessions. We require that our patients have a pre-arranged ride home from the treatment center, as driving is not permitted within the first several hours of the session. Patients are encouraged to invite a family member, friend or spouse to accompany them to treatment.

On the day of your session, you’ll meet with one of our anesthesia care providers who will walk you through the treatment process in our state-of-the-art facility. When you are at ketamine health centers, it’s time to relax, we will sit you in a comfortable lounge chair , provide you with headphones to listener to music, or you can watch TV while you receive your treatment. Each infusion session last 45-60 minutes and is closely monitored by an anesthesia professionals. After your session is complete, you’ll be led into the spa-like recovery area where our medical staff can assess you before you’re clear to go home.

In the days following treatment, you may already feel improvements in your mood and symptoms. But, we provide our patients with ongoing support to ensure that the benefits of ketamine therapy are long-lasting and meaningful. Our staff will stay in touch with you for periodic phone assessments at your convenience. We are more than happy to be a resource to our previous patients for tips on recovery and maintaining a healthy life. ​​

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