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Eliminate PTSD Symptoms With SGB

Stellate Ganglion Block Is An Effective & Minimally Invasive Treatment.
From Anxiety To Hot Flashes, SGB Might Be The Right Option For You.

Treatment Resistant Depression?

Feel Happy Again With Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.
This Treatment Offers Promising Solutions For Many Common Conditions!

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As the leading provider of IV ketamine infusion therapy in Florida, our goal is to provide relief and offer hope to those who suffer from treatment-resistant conditions. We are one of the very few centers specializing in ketamine infusion therapy with a team of both mental health and certified anesthesia professionals to help our patients on their journey to recovery.

In addition to ketamine infusion therapy, our centers have multiple treatment options, designed to help you regain control and start living again. With your health in mind, our effective and minimally invasive therapies are available for various conditions. Are you a candidate? Schedule your consultation today!


Ketamine Infusion & Other Effective Treatment Options For  Many Conditions

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Major Depression

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Bipolar Depression

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Severe Anxiety

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Suicidal Ideations

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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Fibromyalgia and Pain Syndromes

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Patient Testimonials



Having suffered from depression since she was 16 years old, Mireya spent many years coping with the side effects associated with Electroconvulsive therapy, and antidepressants. By her third ketamine infusion she noticed how fast and effective it was in reducing her depression symptoms.


“I wanted to live…. that’s all I wanted to do …” “I came in [to Ketamine Health Centers] feeling like I didn’t want to live … I came out an hour after – it was that quick – it was amazing … I wanted to live. That’s all I wanted to do … live, and enjoy life …”



“…the weight of the world isn’t as heavy.” “Depression affected my life on every level… honestly, I was at my wits’ end. So, I wanted to try anything to make me feel better…My life since treatment has been amazing… the weight of the world isn’t as heavy.”
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