Holistic Treatment Options

At Ketamine Health Centers, our goal is for our patients to succeed. We want you to be happy and healthy. Our mission  is to help depression, fibromyalgia, and post traumatic stress disorder sufferers regain the balance in their lives.

With years of medical experience, knowledge, and prior ketamine application, our team of qualified medical experts is able to provide patients with life-changing holistic treatments.

Ketamine Health Centers Provides Safe and Effective Relief for
Mental Health and Chronic Pain Conditions

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Long-Term Symptom Relief

Ketamine can cause improvements in mood and pain symptoms by blocking the transmission of pain signals and boosting levels of important neuro-chemicals that help improve mood.

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Ketamine is administered in subanesthetic doses and will be monitored by a qualified anesthesia professional at all times. Unlike traditional treatments, ketamine is safe and patients reported minimal side effects.

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Fast & Effective

Ketamine infusion therapy can help patients feel better within hours of treatment and  could potentially save the lives of those struggling from pain and mental health conditions.

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