Wellness is also a State of Mind

Wellness is also a State of Mind

Have you felt that excitement, that energy in your belly, when something happens that feels so right? As if it were meant to be. When your choices coincide with a feeling of purpose, for example, you are in fact connecting with a deeper energy within yourself. With that connection comes more awareness of intuitive moments, when the thing you need seems to pop out at you at the right moment. As you experience these excited states of consciousness with growing awareness you become more in-tune with the energy field that surrounds you, energy that subtends all matter. By tapping into that core, by building your emotional intelligence and the connection with your energy center, you begin to feel more grounded, more self-assured. Ultimately, becoming better able to give and receive love, from yourself and others.

Foundational energy is the source of that love and connection. Ketamine infusions work by helping patients get in touch with that energy field. For what constitutes the mystical? How do we understand transcendental experiences? What makes up that aspect of such experiences that one can single out as being the mystical element? I understand that essence as representing our direct connection to the foundational source of life, of all that exists – to energy in motion. We experience a transcendental journey as a dissolution of our sense of a physical boundary, such as the experience evoked by Ketamine. This dissolution of our ego-consciousness allows us to connect more directly to our energy core. When I think about mystical experiences such as Sufi whirling for example, a form of movement meditation, I think about the function of movement. The twirling leads to a trance-like state as they circle one another mimicking the cosmic energy and contemplating the Creator. Movement transports them to a space where they are no longer focused on the boundaries of their body. Instead they are carried by the energetic power that surrounds them, as each ego dissolves into the diffuse connection produced by the swirl of bodies moving in rhythmic tandem. Equally energizing is the transcendental essence that emanates from the sound journey invoked by meditative tones and native instruments. This method of promoting wellness through meditative music (the sound journey) uses the impact of vibrations to stir our energy fields, our chakras in succession from the root to the crown. This helps one connect with our deeper energy core, as we dissolve our mind focus and melt into the rhythmic vibrations that sound waves produce. Energy (which constitutes our bodies at the core) is released and realigned through the manipulation of frequencies that sound generates, creating a sensation of grounding one’s center that music therapy can produce.

Wellness and growth comes from renewed energy. We can develop new energy within ourselves by learning new activities that engage us, or trying new modes of being that relax the mind and help ground us. We are now experiencing renewed energy in the field of mental health and pain management stirred by Ketamine infusion treatment. The experiences evoked by Ketamine can help you establish these connections of wellbeing thus healing the emotional and energetic core. The process can lead to new perspectives and realignment of priorities.

We invite individuals in need of additional mental health support to explore further the multifaceted healing aspects of energy release that Ketamine provides. As well as to those seeking renewed treatment options in pain management. Call today to schedule your free consultation with a Ketamine Health Centers physician and revitalize your path to wellness.

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