The Energetic Web of Life

The Energetic Web of Life

Spending time with family, seeing friends, making connections at work or in places we play, these are the life-lines that keep us tethered. They keep us focused on the precious moments that give life deep meaning. The webs of relationships, the six degrees of separation, are all a source of energy for us to draw strength from and replenish our souls. The bonds that we form with others that guide us in life, that we sometimes lose tragically or at best when it serves our needs, these connections help create who we are and how we live in the world. Unfortunately, not all relationships are healthy. Some hinder us and shape us in negative ways, such that we have to work hard to loosen their hold on us as we grow older in order to grow stronger. Social media as we have all read and experienced for ourselves both fosters more connections and impedes the deep human drive for personal contact. As in all aspects of life, balance is the key to reaping the benefits of our actions while maintaining healthy boundaries for our self-growth. One of the more profound aspects of physical and emotional connection, be it a hug, a caress, a smile, or words of encouragement, is the energy transfer that takes place on an energetic level, then onto a molecular and physiological level. This interplay enriches our energy boundaries and the reverberations through our bodies that occur when our cellular and energetic systems are stimulated by the environment around us. A baby that does not receive the energetic benefits of human contact and love will not grow to her potential, her development becomes stunted at all levels. Same is true of the elderly who find themselves isolated, their bodies and minds become more fragile, more quickly. We all need human warmth, connection, affirmation in order to thrive and fully develop our sense of selves. We also need connection with and nourishment from our environment, and from the aspects of nature that help us find our place in the world. What I mean by that is the way in which we connect with art and color, music and sound, the harmony and awareness we gain through meditation and movement, martial arts – these are experiences that tap into our life-force.

As we develop into adults, one of our goals is to be able to provide these regenerative moments of self-growth for our own, through our hobbies, through the activities that bring us closer to our true selves. But the impetus for growth and development of that essential core stems from our relationships with others throughout our lives – that is the fodder. As we grow and develop our boundaries and character traits that provide us a sense of self and a shield in this tumultuous world, we define ourselves against others. We build identities and social connections that divide us as much as they unite us with people around us – it is simply part of how we live in the world, part of how we structure language and more primordial social strictures. These boundaries are important to our development, but they also hinder our deeper connections in the world. Through various practices that reconnect us to the energetic frequencies that subtend life, we loosen the hold of these boundary zones. By making new relationships with people different from ourselves or starting a new hobby, we can change the energy frequency around us, as well as create new neural pathways, and move ourselves out of ruts that restrict us on all levels. Art and music therapies (even the simple act of looking and listening with intention) help us connect directly to the energy frequencies around us that excite us at a molecular and physiological level, moving our energy flow more robustly thus giving us a healthy boost to change established patterns.

All of these methods help us break down the boundaries of the ego, of our consciousness, which provides a doorway to healing and growth through energy transfer. Ketamine infusion provides another avenue to help breakdown the ego boundaries, the layers of consciousness that at times keep us so restricted as to lead to highly disruptive mental health concerns, such as severe depression and PTSD. There is an aspect of the dissociative affect that Ketamine produces which helps blurry the boundaries between self and other, providing a new perspective of oneself that can be transformative. For a free consultation to discuss the benefits of Ketamine Infusion treatment for mental health and pain management concerns, please schedule an appointment today. We want to help you find your rhythm in life.

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