Movement Meditation and Dynamic Healing

Movement Meditation and Dynamic Healing

The season has changed and energy begins to stir with an autumn breeze. As temps begin to drop over time, we experience the effects of entropy on our bodies. We require more movement to stay warm and keep our energy levels maximized. Entropy, one of the properties of matter that allows for dynamic change in our world, is at play in all aspects of nature. Our bodies are no different. All open systems move towards equilibrium, towards balance for stability and sustainability. A heat source will always move from hot to cold in order to establish equilibrium. As temperatures drop externally we require intervention in the form of more clothing, friction through movement, or heating apparatuses to maintain our body temperatures higher than the surrounding air. Equally important in nature for growth and development is spontaneous dynamic movement towards disorder (higher entropy) that requires energy transformation to establish some level of organization. Our minds must also find a delicate balance between stability and dynamism for healthy development. A system that is too stable has low entropy and cannot move forward without a substantial influx of energy. And a high entropic system is too disordered to establish the rhythm and patterns that we need for sustainability. Nature develops along the state of criticality that lies between order and disorder, between stability and dynamism.

Life is a balancing act of establishing stability and activity in our lives for healthy development. We need routines, but we must also create a momentum of flow that keeps us active, keeps up our energy levels, and strengthens our emotional and physical core. We must act to create these conditions in ourselves. That is the role of hobbies, activities and relationships that bring us joy. Our need to balance stability and dynamic growth is made more favorable by the multifaceted ways in which we can energize our soul, our mind, our body in a routine manner. There are countless of ways to inject energy in our lives, and they don’t all require movement, such as reading a fantastic novel. But movement does offer a degree of energy infusion that when coupled with meditation or attentiveness can generate a charge that carries us forward through our day. A wonderful practice to explore for the activation of mind, body and spirit in tandem is the movement meditation practice of Tai Chi. The slow graceful, at times forceful, movements undertaken in Tai Chi help one create calm, focus the mind, strengthen the body, and increase attention to and flow of one’s energy center. During the practice of Tai Chi one can feel the energy between one’s hands at the Dantian point in particular. With its focus on the five elemental forms of energy: Wood, Metal, Fire, Earth and Water, Tai Chi highlights the tension between high entropic and low entropic systems at play in our world. The highly organized, less entropic states of wood and metal, juxtaposed with the more chaotic, less organized states of fire and water, highlight this balance. Tai Chi can heal through breathing and meditative calm and focus on one’s energy center to recharge at all levels – emotional, physical and spiritual.

For some individuals these activities of wellness and centering are not sufficient to bring about the necessary influx of energy; to move one out of a psychic or traumatic cycle that grabs hold of an individual and keeps the entropic levels so low as to be unable to generate a forward momentum towards healing. One becomes stuck, literally unable to move towards higher states of energy, of intervention to create dynamism. Ketamine infusion treatment produces a psychic and biophysical state that leads to an increase of entropy, or disorder in the brain that may help create new neural connections through the dislodging of well traced pathways. This influx of energy generated by a higher state of entropy in the mind can carry one through into making lifestyle changes that will continue to create an influx of energy flow and momentum towards healing. Our goal at Ketamine Health Centers is to help you find ways to recharge on your own over time. For more information on how Ketamine infusion treatment may help you, we encourage you to set up a free consultation today.

By: Isbel Cruz-Chaudhry Oct 9, 2018


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