Reshaping the Mental Health Field

We live in promising times as we begin to better understand the role of energy frequencies in the development of our wellbeing.Patterns and established pathways, as well as the deviations from set patterns that occur, play a central role in the richness and diversity of life. What is most exciting within the field of mental health is the integration of a multifaceted approach to wellness. A holistic approach to help one establish a healthy and robust development of mind-body-soul work that grounds our happiness in this challenging world. The history and development of mental health as a discipline in medicine is fascinating, yet grim, and fraught with difficult challenges in the face of great suffering. When psychiatric medications known as SSRIs emerged in the late 1980s, there was immense promise for the treatment of countless psychiatric conditions. This revolutionary chemical approach to treatment provided a lifeline for patients suffering from mental illness and the very methods used to treat them. However, as in all things, there must be a balance. Thankfully, the psychiatric community is finally beginning to incorporate the necessary holistic approach that robust mental health and social development requires. There is both a greater awareness of the role that patterns and entrenched neurological pathways play in the development of mental illness, and a move towards using this knowledge to help develop better, and more efficacious treatment methods.

Over the last two decades we have more fully integrated the various approaches to wellness from nutrition, to exercise, to relationship and fellowship building. As well as via various modes of therapeutic approaches to relieving stress and anxiety (and traumatic suffering) provided by music therapy, art therapy, movement meditation, and other interactive modes of energy release. More recently, with a greater understanding of the role of energy frequencies through the profound perspective that quantum physics offers, we have well-documented the benefits of acupuncture, Reiki touch, vibrational therapy, and the like. But even more profound for the psychiatric community is the development of therapies within this new scientific and medical paradigm, using our knowledge of the role of frequencies to develop more effective treatments.

The new treatments of Ketamine infusion and TMS provide patients and clinicians renewed hope. Hope for relief from debilitating symptoms for patients who have tried a multitude of approaches to treatment. And a profound sigh of relief from psychiatrists who see very promising results for their patients. The continued development of Ketamine-infused treatments to target depression, PTSD, pain management and relief, among other targeted illnesses, has shown to provide immediate relief of symptoms for most of our patients at KetamineHealth Centers. Our patients’ testimonials highlight the impact of the field’s current transformation on an individual and personal level. Ketamine treatment has proven to be a lifeline over the last several years for patients facing treatment-resistant depression.

One of the newest methods available is a cognitive science-based process known as TMS, or Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS): A non-invasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain that improve symptoms of depression.Ketamine Health Centers is excited to announce this new treatment method will be available very soon. We are committed to providing our clients the highest standards of treatment available, and encourage you to set up a free consultation today to review the benefits of these new FDA approved treatment methods. Our care team will help you will determine which path to healing works best for you or your loved one.    

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