Ketamine Health Centers is dedicated to helping individuals find relief from chronic pain and various mental health conditions. We are here to help especially in cases where individuals have not responded to previous treatment methods or medications. Each client is treated as a unique individual and we tailor our treatment plans accordingly. People love to say these days, “You’re no snowflake,” meaning you are not as special as you think you are. 
But yes, indeed you are! 

Each individual is unique. Not only in regards to the physical and emotional development that varies for each one of us, marking out our differences. But also looking at how medicine and various treatments affect our bodies and minds. Medical research for some time was ruled by the notion of a ‘magic bullet’ cure all. We now understand the nuances that gender and ethnicity bring to the table. Psychiatry suffered the same myopic views, and perhaps still does to some extent. Yet, we are beginning to better assess how our environment affects our wellbeing, as well as how each person’s temperament and physiology affects states of mind. My partner, for example, does not benefit from pain medication, most all forms of pain management have little to no effect on his neurophysiology. What I find most fascinating are studies of the effect of positive thinking on healing. Witnessing how an individual can speed up the healing process and gain strength through the power of positivity (read this short John Hopkins piece on The Power of Positive Thinking). That is quite special indeed! Perhaps, though, not as unique a quality. We can all learn to think more positively, even if we are not born with that rosy temperament. 

Mental health providers are beginning to assess the effects of the therapeutic setting in relation to the efficacy of various forms of alternative treatment methods. If you can mitigate the stress that you carry into a therapy session with meditative music or a calming space that exudes the benefits of aromatherapy, then you can calmly and more openly experience its healing effects. Presumably, the efficacy of the treatment will persist longer. The lasting effects of any form of treatment also depends on how proactive each individual is in changing different facets of their lifestyle, especially important when working through addiction and depression. 

We at Ketamine Health Centers honor each client’s unique place in time, and provide an in-depth evaluation that helps us tailor treatment accordingly. You are a snowflake, and we honor that! We offer alternative treatment procedures that have proven highly effective for most individuals with treatment-resistant depression. Individuals that respond well to ketamine infusion treatment feel results immediately. Making it possible to establish a tailored plan more quickly after the initial session shows positive response to treatment. In addition, KHC provides esketamine treatment (Spravato is a fast-acting nasal spray) and TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) treatment as possible tools to work through each client’s needs, as determined by the initial evaluation and follow-up sessions. TMS has proven effective for individuals with medication-resistant depression, and studies are ongoing to determine its efficacy for children and adolescents. To learn more about these alternative treatments to medication-resistant depression and other mental health conditions such as PTSD, anxiety and addiction (or to find relief from chronic pain), contact one of our Florida clinics today. Our team at Ketamine Health Centers will provide a free consultation to explore your unique circumstances.


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