This time of year marks a transformative moment. We sense the impetus for change as the holiday season wraps into the New Year. We honor the marching of the seasons at the Winter Solstice by celebrating nature and the sacredness of light, as the day begins to lengthen again. The holidays encourage us to enjoy our nights with a break from the bustle to reconnect with friends and family. Perhaps shaking off some of the dustier sides of ourselves that have weighed us down throughout the year. Some preparing for a coming resolution to stir up new energy. The very act of decorating lends itself to the transformative arts as we celebrate the miracle of life and the light within. We create beauty and magic around us with holiday spirit, with love, as we recall and reflect on the wonderful traditions that bring us together – some recreating the magic of Santa Claus for our children and ourselves! All the while cherishing the sacred and festive Christmas music that transports and lightens our souls.

The holiday season highlights the miracle of life and the sacredness of light. Various religious traditions remind us of the blessings that abound. For Christians, it involves celebrating the birth of Jesus, and the wondrous journey of the three wise men guided by the light of the Star. Jews celebrate Hanukkah and the miracle of light, illustrated by the story of the temple menorah and how it burned for eight days with only enough oil for it to burn for one. Kwanzaa also celebrates life, specifically the circle of life represented by the first harvest. And miracles can also be lived out daily, manifest in our spirit of giving. We share and spread it through love and as a result that sacred light within us expands and lifts us and those around us. At this time of year, we are reminded more of our responsibilities to our fellow neighbors and communities in need. By spending quality time, sharing our wealth and talents, and expressing our love for others more freely, perhaps festively opening our homes and our souls, we can shine even brighter.

But as lovely and bright as the holiday season can be with its festive lights and scrumptious delights, soulful music and selfless giving – lending it a transformative energy that bolsters our spirits – it can be equally imperiling to others. This is also the hardest time of year for many, especially for those already suffering loss and pain. Chronic pain makes it especially hard to go through the extra hustle and bustle of the season as everyone is so hurried to prepare. Depression makes even the sounds of the season difficult to bear for some. And there are individuals who may face seasonal depression or sense their loss more acutely. There are many extra triggers, more layers of stress. But also equally as many ways to minimize the adverse feelings that accompany this deeply emotional time of year, most important of which is awareness.

Self-reflection helps us understand ourselves and our reactions to situations more concretely. Recognizing the hurried, fast-paced energy that you are emanating may help you slow down and do things with more intention and mind-focus. Finding your peace, your ground, will help you spread energy of love and compassion to those around you. Take a moment to wish those you meet a “Happy Holidays” as you move throughout your day, to sprinkle that little bit of magic that makes us smile. Warm yourself in the evening with thoughts of the blessings that surrounded you that day, or jump start your morning by providing that blessing for someone else. Some individuals need a little extra support at this time of year, reach out to them. If you are seeking a helping hand, reach out to us.

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