Enhancing Mental Health & Wellbeing

Enhancing Mental Health & Wellbeing

We live in complex times. A nuanced age that astonishes me daily with the power of what we know. A time when words such as ‘multidisciplinary’ and ‘integrated’ pepper all fields of inquiry. As a result, we are creating a rich tapestry of related knowledge that provides us a deeper understanding. The subtleties that we have gleamed through science, and the reach that we have through technology is simply astounding. And thankfully due to our global village mentality that is changing how we see the world, we have a greater respect for (and now more widespread circulation) of local or indigenous philosophies that help enhance our own. These different ways of seeing provide us with a more nuanced worldview to help bring about respect through knowing, and direction for a sustainable future. Today our children are taught more than we were to discover and learn by exploring a topic from various perspectives. A great lesson in life is to take a multi-pronged approach to problem solving. Our pursuit of knowledge, and how we have shared that across the spectrum, provides us with tools to manage life’s complexities. So too when we make long-lasting lifestyle changes from various angles, it helps us create traction and keep-up our motivation to make it stick.

Make a choice to bring forth positive changes in your life. Instead of deciding to stop whatever behavior is putting you on a detrimental course (negative thinking), think instead about starting a new practice that will ensure your continual development. Something that can take the place of the behavior you want to stop. Approach it from a multi-perspective position to help you move forward, to see the strengths and opportunities that change can bring; as well as assess the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that may result. This way you can better prepare for them, rather than be thrown off guard by them. Be honest with yourself about where you are in the process, not only focused on where you want to be. As with all things, it is by way of the middle ground that we build strength in our core – finding that balance of keeping yourself honest without losing sight of your goal.  

Considering the effects of diet and exercise on overall wellbeing, let’s take a multifaceted approach to how one may work on incremental improvements. You can look at how you shop for food (are you hungry and tired while at the grocery store?). How one prepares food (what small changes can you make to eat healthier?). How one eats (are you eating on the run or sitting down for 30 minutes to destress while you digest?). Finally, assess your level of activity throughout the day (how can I add 20min of moderate exercise to my day?). We need to be realistic about our goals so that they fit our schedule and help keep us motivated. Making several small changes to establish a solid routine, rather than setting oneself up for discouragement by trying to take on too much at the start.

So too, clinicians can provide more robust treatment in mental health with a multifaceted approach, and help patients take ownership of their lifestyle changes.

Looking at depression in particular, we know there are many non-medicinal ways to boost serotonin levels to help curb depression. Exercise, diet rich in serotonin producing foods, meditation, building-up social connections, music and drumming, art therapy, etc. There is talk therapy (and psychoanalysis) and various methods that rely on cognitive biofeedback mechanisms, to help one learn to process and move past the depressive state. More often than not, a multifaceted approach using many of these non-medicinal methods is enough to work through one’s depression. However, we know many individuals need more direct support in the form of medication, the use of SSRIs, and thankfully now Ketamine infusion treatment. The downside of medication is the length of time needed for it to begin working effectively, on the order of a couple of weeks to a month. Ketamine treatment has shown tremendous promise. Patients experience immediate relief from symptoms, and together with other non-medicinal methods, will help keep depression at bay. Perhaps even more importantly for certain individuals, it can be an effective prong in a varied approach when one uses Ketamine treatment at the start. Given the timeframe that most SRI/SSRIs require to reach effective levels, Ketamine infusion treatment can provide an immediate relief of symptoms, while giving the body time to develop a more heightened response to medication.

Ketamine for Treatment-Resistant Depression: The First Decade of Progress is, according to the publisher (http://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319429236), the “first book to systematically review the robust clinical and preclinical research on ketamine use for treatment resistant depression.” Regarding depression and OCD, some studies suggest ketamine infusion, combined with other established CBT treatments such as exposure and response therapy or EX/RP therapy (as well as SRI/SSRI medication), may accelerate and prolong the efficacy of overall treatment.

To discuss these findings and learn how Ketamine infusion can enhance your current treatment plan, please call us today for a free consultation.

Confronting the Aftermath

Confronting the Aftermath

We live in a delicate balance in nature. Often that balance is overlooked and even ignored with all of the technology and engineering to buffer ourselves. But she never fails to remind us of her presence, her power. Perhaps no natural disaster is as disruptive to our psyche, to our daily life, as a hurricane. The anticipation alone creates a tremendous amount of stress. The uncertainty of a storm’s track as we watch days out, and the ambivalence that experience creates for our decision making, adds layers of anxiety on our psyche. If a storm approaches, panic creeps in during preparations, and naturally the level of fear rises as the anticipation of the storm grows intensely. The down time that comes when all of the preparations are complete usually becomes a waiting game, which adds yet another layer of stress that riding out a hurricane entails. For most it is difficult to turn that down time into quality time because of the fear and excited energy. The strain on one’s psyche and physical health is tremendous, and often there is little time to acknowledge and mitigate it with moments of rest or reflection. While we all may experience some of the same stress throughout the preparations, seeking out the same essential materials and securing our homes in the days before a storm: Every person’s experience of a destructive storm is different. Everyone’s experience of the aftermath, the arduous recover and clean-up process, is very different. After the storm, thankfully (hopefully) with everyone safely together, each person in their own way begins to pick up the pieces and rebuild.

It’s important to keep in mind the different ways in which we need to heal during any aftermath.  A difficult task given the demands on our bodies and our temperaments. Realize that it is impossible to know how a storm has affected someone, what emotional stress has bubbled up or what losses they have suffered. Each person deserves the space and time to heal and work through the rebuilding process at their own pace. We should take time to express our gratitude for our safety and for the cherished things that we hopefully still possess after a storm. Allowing ourselves to feel grateful, also allowing ourselves to grieve the losses not comparing them to anyone else’s, and to empathize with others worse off – these are all aspects of psychic healing, and will help strengthen the bonds of any community. Most often the support required in a particular area is supplied by the members of that community. We see with pride the many images and hear the stories of neighbors helping strangers.  But sadly there are many individuals who do not find a helping hand when needed. Or find they are unable to heal at their own pace due to a myriad of circumstances. For some the loss will be devastating. Others who may have been close to pulling out of a difficult place in their life will find themselves lost again, needing support to get back on their feet continuing their path to emotional and physical health.  For an individual already facing the challenges of depression or chronic pain, confronting the emotional and immediate aftermath of a hurricane can be debilitating.

We are here to help.

By establishing a space to realign one’s emotional energy, Ketamine Infusion treatment provides an effective path to recovery. Providing immediate relief, Ketamine treatment can help with the emotional rebuilding process that is often overlooked in an aftermath. We encourage an open space for restoration and self-healing. Please call us for a free consultation for yourself or someone you love to learn how Ketamine treatment may help in your recovery process.

Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again

Raise your hand if you’re ready for Back to School season!
This time of year reminds me of the excitement of all that is new. New school supplies, new teachers, new classmates and adventures. We all want summer fun to continue, but kids might be as excited to see more friends and take on greater challenges. And parents are more than ready to send them off. Perhaps you’re preparing to send your first (or last born) to kindergarten or college. Maybe you’re starting a new job, a new career path. The excited energy that surrounds you when you begin something new, something out of your comfort zone, helps you through the initial moments of uncertainty. Just as there is an electrified energy in the air when summer gives way to fall and seasonal changes seep in, that same energy is palpable on a college campus in September. Its movement stirring motivation, arising from structured freedom and open spaces for exploration. Or maybe you find you are like many who need to take a deep breath and exhale with “whooosaaaa”, as you faintly claim, “I’m ready”, with a yawn and arms up in a stretch. Meanwhile, countless individuals who will continue the daily commute of work and home will find that summer didn’t provide the escape we had quite hoped for.  Not to worry, the heat of summer will soon lift as that shift to fall pushes us along.

But for some individuals a little push is not enough. If you seek more help at these challenging times of transition, or perhaps suffer more intractable states of depression that make change very difficult to manage, there is hope on the horizon. Ketamine infusion treatment can provide relief, even if you are among many who have tried a variety of treatment therapies to manage the amplified challenges of chronic conditions. A Time Magazine article, New Hope for Depression, highlights the promising treatment that ketamine infusion provides patients who face some of the greatest challenges with depression and mood disorders. “Studies have shown that 60% to 70% of people with treatment-resistant depression respond to ketamine,” according to current research and clinical findings. Ketamine infusion testimonials and research also provide hope for therapists optimistic about the healing paths available to patients across the spectrum, from mental health to pain management.

No matter where you find yourself on the mental health spectrum, the shine of a new start should ultimately give way to a comfort level and stability that routines provide. Creating balance in our life includes finding healthy ways to manage the stress that comes from change, harness the energy that surrounds us and maintain it so that excitement stays with us as we fall into an established pattern. Children are especially in need of structured schedules to set their patterns of expectation and increase their focus, as well as reduce anxiety that comes with all that is new.  Our bodies need a certain amount of routine to function more optimally. A regular sleep schedule is important for all, and most adults don’t get enough shut eye on a regular basis. A major factor in increased irritability and lack of focus or mental recall. Setting up a time and creating the space to nurture our many faceted needs requires that we maintain flexibility in our routines as well. Too much of a good thing is never good. Extremes expose us to vulnerabilities. Obsessive compulsive disorder and other mental ruts that come from excessive structure can also compromise us. For those who have a greater challenge in maintaining flexibility, or keeping intrusive thoughts and behaviors at bay, ketamine infusion treatment can also provide relief. 

Please contact us today and consult with our exceptional team of medical professionals to learn more about how ketamine treatment can help you find your balance.    



We are entering that lull brought on by the intense heat of midsummer that forces you to slow your Self down; to breathe more deeply, more intentionally to break through the malaise.  Despacito (slowly) and purposefully, let’s take a moment to reflect on the way in which our rhythms, that of our bodies and of our days, respond to energy around us.  This time of year it is important to eat more fresh, cold fruits and dishes that juxtapose against the slow simmer of a summer day. Especially with the ever so hectic rhythm of our daily lives which take us away from moments of reflection and calm that refresh our mind and soul.  A cold fruit drink to spring our bodies back from the slump of the heat, embracing the coolness as it coats us, is one way to re-energize our body.

So too can we help our minds refocus on the present when we let go of our preoccupations with the what-ifs of our past and those restless moments of anxiety.  For some of us, finding the peaceful calm to enjoy life’s present moment can be a greater challenge.  It eludes us, or moves over us too quickly to positively harness it to our psychic needs.  Often times we simply do not hear the rhythm of our spirit loudly enough to know what those needs are.  Establishing a space to hear our bodies and minds speak our spiritual truth is a lifelong process. Creating that meditative rhythm takes time and practice.  But it is by virtue of surpassing that threshold that one reaches a state of embodiment, when our mind, body and spirit begin to align and create a synergistic energy within us; one that provides new perspective of our Self and our surroundings.  That meditative state can come from many pleasurable activities beyond what you think of when meditation is mentioned, it’s not just the cross-legged yogi stance.  Meditative walking, walking with a focus on one’s breathing and body rhythm is a great way to enjoy nature and harness additional health benefits.  Music and art therapies bring the mind into focus, aligning our energies with expressive modes of being.  Eating slowing, with purpose, mindfully enjoying each texture, each flavor brings a new pleasure to what can be a mundane activity.  Despacito, slowly enjoying the pleasures of life with mindfulness reenergizes us.

Still for others, additional help may be needed to open up our synapses to the anticipation of pleasure, and Ketamine infusion treatment can help.  A press release put out by the National Institute of Health a few years ago highlights the promising treatment that Ketamine infusion provides for individuals who suffer from anhedonia (the loss of the ability to look forward to pleasurable activities) by boosting activity in the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex and related circuitry.  Creating that space for meditative and pleasure-seeking activities is possible for individuals who have a greater challenge.  For more information on the symptoms that Ketamine infused treatments target, and additional research related information, please contact us today for a free consultation.

Ketamine for Depression and Anxiety

Ketamine for Depression and Anxiety

Did you know that 15 million Americans suffer from depression every year? Research shows that only half of those who seek treatment will experience a full recovery from traditional treatments. The other estimated 7.5 million people will try all kinds of medications and therapy, dealing with side effects as their depression continues to worsen.

Ketamine infusions can help patients feel better within hours. Thousands of Ketamine therapy patients suffering from anxiety and depression are now on their way to full recovery, and enjoying more productive, fulfilling lives. Ketamine infusions give patients a soothing sense of mental and emotional clarity, helping them take meaningful steps towards a better future.

With the help of Ketamine therapy, our patients have been able to overcome lifelong battles with depression.

If you or someone you love is in the grip of ongoing anxiety or depression, Ketamine infusion therapy can help. Ketamine therapy is a  clinically proven source of life-changing relief, and is often one of the only treatment options that work when all others have failed. The transformative benefits of Ketamine therapy are being recognized more than ever, by Universities and doctors across the globe.

We’re committed to helping our patients restore balance between heart, body and mind.

At Ketamine Health Centers, we’ve dedicated years to crafting a unique, holistic therapy program that helps patients regain control of their lives. As South Florida’s leaders in ketamine infusion therapy, we’re experts in empowering our patients to live better.

If you or someone you love is in search of real relief from anxiety or depression, speak with one of our medical experts today and discover how Ketamine therapy can help.

Call us today at (305) 856-9442 for your free consultation with our wellness experts or, schedule online now!

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