Reshaping the Mental Health Field

Reshaping the Mental Health Field

We live in promising times as we begin to better understand the role of energy frequencies in the development of our wellbeing.Patterns and established pathways, as well as the deviations from set patterns that occur, play a central role in the richness and diversity of life. What is most exciting within the field of mental health is the integration of a multifaceted approach to wellness. A holistic approach to help one establish a healthy and robust development of mind-body-soul work that grounds our happiness in this challenging world. The history and development of mental health as a discipline in medicine is fascinating, yet grim, and fraught with difficult challenges in the face of great suffering. When psychiatric medications known as SSRIs emerged in the late 1980s, there was immense promise for the treatment of countless psychiatric conditions. This revolutionary chemical approach to treatment provided a lifeline for patients suffering from mental illness and the very methods used to treat them. However, as in all things, there must be a balance. Thankfully, the psychiatric community is finally beginning to incorporate the necessary holistic approach that robust mental health and social development requires. There is both a greater awareness of the role that patterns and entrenched neurological pathways play in the development of mental illness, and a move towards using this knowledge to help develop better, and more efficacious treatment methods.

Over the last two decades we have more fully integrated the various approaches to wellness from nutrition, to exercise, to relationship and fellowship building. As well as via various modes of therapeutic approaches to relieving stress and anxiety (and traumatic suffering) provided by music therapy, art therapy, movement meditation, and other interactive modes of energy release. More recently, with a greater understanding of the role of energy frequencies through the profound perspective that quantum physics offers, we have well-documented the benefits of acupuncture, Reiki touch, vibrational therapy, and the like. But even more profound for the psychiatric community is the development of therapies within this new scientific and medical paradigm, using our knowledge of the role of frequencies to develop more effective treatments.

The new treatments of Ketamine infusion and TMS provide patients and clinicians renewed hope. Hope for relief from debilitating symptoms for patients who have tried a multitude of approaches to treatment. And a profound sigh of relief from psychiatrists who see very promising results for their patients. The continued development of Ketamine-infused treatments to target depression, PTSD, pain management and relief, among other targeted illnesses, has shown to provide immediate relief of symptoms for most of our patients at KetamineHealth Centers. Our patients’ testimonials highlight the impact of the field’s current transformation on an individual and personal level. Ketamine treatment has proven to be a lifeline over the last several years for patients facing treatment-resistant depression.

One of the newest methods available is a cognitive science-based process known as TMS, or Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS): A non-invasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain that improve symptoms of depression.Ketamine Health Centers is excited to announce this new treatment method will be available very soon. We are committed to providing our clients the highest standards of treatment available, and encourage you to set up a free consultation today to review the benefits of these new FDA approved treatment methods. Our care team will help you will determine which path to healing works best for you or your loved one.    

Movement Meditation and Dynamic Healing

Movement Meditation and Dynamic Healing

The season has changed and energy begins to stir with an autumn breeze. As temps begin to drop over time, we experience the effects of entropy on our bodies. We require more movement to stay warm and keep our energy levels maximized. Entropy, one of the properties of matter that allows for dynamic change in our world, is at play in all aspects of nature. Our bodies are no different. All open systems move towards equilibrium, towards balance for stability and sustainability. A heat source will always move from hot to cold in order to establish equilibrium. As temperatures drop externally we require intervention in the form of more clothing, friction through movement, or heating apparatuses to maintain our body temperatures higher than the surrounding air. Equally important in nature for growth and development is spontaneous dynamic movement towards disorder (higher entropy) that requires energy transformation to establish some level of organization. Our minds must also find a delicate balance between stability and dynamism for healthy development. A system that is too stable has low entropy and cannot move forward without a substantial influx of energy. And a high entropic system is too disordered to establish the rhythm and patterns that we need for sustainability. Nature develops along the state of criticality that lies between order and disorder, between stability and dynamism.

Life is a balancing act of establishing stability and activity in our lives for healthy development. We need routines, but we must also create a momentum of flow that keeps us active, keeps up our energy levels, and strengthens our emotional and physical core. We must act to create these conditions in ourselves. That is the role of hobbies, activities and relationships that bring us joy. Our need to balance stability and dynamic growth is made more favorable by the multifaceted ways in which we can energize our soul, our mind, our body in a routine manner. There are countless of ways to inject energy in our lives, and they don’t all require movement, such as reading a fantastic novel. But movement does offer a degree of energy infusion that when coupled with meditation or attentiveness can generate a charge that carries us forward through our day. A wonderful practice to explore for the activation of mind, body and spirit in tandem is the movement meditation practice of Tai Chi. The slow graceful, at times forceful, movements undertaken in Tai Chi help one create calm, focus the mind, strengthen the body, and increase attention to and flow of one’s energy center. During the practice of Tai Chi one can feel the energy between one’s hands at the Dantian point in particular. With its focus on the five elemental forms of energy: Wood, Metal, Fire, Earth and Water, Tai Chi highlights the tension between high entropic and low entropic systems at play in our world. The highly organized, less entropic states of wood and metal, juxtaposed with the more chaotic, less organized states of fire and water, highlight this balance. Tai Chi can heal through breathing and meditative calm and focus on one’s energy center to recharge at all levels – emotional, physical and spiritual.

For some individuals these activities of wellness and centering are not sufficient to bring about the necessary influx of energy; to move one out of a psychic or traumatic cycle that grabs hold of an individual and keeps the entropic levels so low as to be unable to generate a forward momentum towards healing. One becomes stuck, literally unable to move towards higher states of energy, of intervention to create dynamism. Ketamine infusion treatment produces a psychic and biophysical state that leads to an increase of entropy, or disorder in the brain that may help create new neural connections through the dislodging of well traced pathways. This influx of energy generated by a higher state of entropy in the mind can carry one through into making lifestyle changes that will continue to create an influx of energy flow and momentum towards healing. Our goal at Ketamine Health Centers is to help you find ways to recharge on your own over time. For more information on how Ketamine infusion treatment may help you, we encourage you to set up a free consultation today.

By: Isbel Cruz-Chaudhry Oct 9, 2018



Some Doors of Perception Lead to Healing

Some Doors of Perception Lead to Healing

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

One of the key aspects to living a fulfilling life is to use our natural curiosity to explore our world, and to learn and grow ourselves. Trying new things or doing what you most love out there in the world helps keep our minds nimble as we age. It helps us build strong bonds with others who share in our happiness. But the mind has a powerful hold on us sometimes that makes finding one’s peace more challenging. And traumatic experiences can grab hold in one’s mind creating stubborn neurological patterns that lead to an entrenched cycle in the brain’s circuitry. Ketamine infusion helps re-establish new connections in the brain, helping to dislodge the repetitive cycle and their power over the mind. Aside from medication to help treat major depression, other recommended activities to help one move out of a state of “being in a rut” include music, movement, building social connections while engaging in a new hobby – all activities that help disrupt the repetitive thoughts of depression and other mental ailments. More seriously, there are individuals who have tried all manners of dislodging established patterns of thought and deeper neuronal connections, some of whom have struggled with suicidal thoughts and tendencies for a majority of their life. Ketamine infusion treatments can help provide a path to a fulfilling life for those who have had little respite from clinical depression.

As Sanjay Gupta and Ben Ticker point out in this CNN article, Ketamine infusions help create new synaptic connections in the brain. And the experiences that these new connections often bring to the individual is mind bending. New perspectives may emerge, new ways of understanding one’s place in the world, that can bring about profound change and help move one out of a deep state of depression. Especially when combined with other modes of being that stretch one’s experiences and help create a new approach in life.

As we begin to understand better how the brain fundamentally works, we are also learning the benefits of treatments that have proven efficacy in the psychiatric realm for the last half century. Yet only now are we able to move forward with more confidence in how Ketamine treatment is affecting the mind/brain in specific ways. (Please visit this resource for a comprehensive bibliography of Ketamine related research.) The dissociative mode produced by Ketamine provides the brain with a powerful tool to work through entrenched neuropathways and mental ideations which can provide relief from many forms of suffering. The breakthroughs that Ketamine infusion provides is a breath of fresh air for both clinicians anxious for more treatments that effectively help their patients; and especially important for patients seeking relief from great suffering. A mind stretching aid for the mental health community proves to be a lifeline for many as they recount their experiences with this new approach to emotional healing. To learn of ketamine infusion from another recently published, first hand-experience I recommend you read this reflection from Alice Levitt. For a free consultation to discuss the promising treatment of Ketamine infusion with one of our clinicians, please call or set-up an online appointment today.

By Isbel Cruz-Chaudhry Aug 31, 2018


The Energetic Web of Life

The Energetic Web of Life

Spending time with family, seeing friends, making connections at work or in places we play, these are the life-lines that keep us tethered. They keep us focused on the precious moments that give life deep meaning. The webs of relationships, the six degrees of separation, are all a source of energy for us to draw strength from and replenish our souls. The bonds that we form with others that guide us in life, that we sometimes lose tragically or at best when it serves our needs, these connections help create who we are and how we live in the world. Unfortunately, not all relationships are healthy. Some hinder us and shape us in negative ways, such that we have to work hard to loosen their hold on us as we grow older in order to grow stronger. Social media as we have all read and experienced for ourselves both fosters more connections and impedes the deep human drive for personal contact. As in all aspects of life, balance is the key to reaping the benefits of our actions while maintaining healthy boundaries for our self-growth. One of the more profound aspects of physical and emotional connection, be it a hug, a caress, a smile, or words of encouragement, is the energy transfer that takes place on an energetic level, then onto a molecular and physiological level. This interplay enriches our energy boundaries and the reverberations through our bodies that occur when our cellular and energetic systems are stimulated by the environment around us. A baby that does not receive the energetic benefits of human contact and love will not grow to her potential, her development becomes stunted at all levels. Same is true of the elderly who find themselves isolated, their bodies and minds become more fragile, more quickly. We all need human warmth, connection, affirmation in order to thrive and fully develop our sense of selves. We also need connection with and nourishment from our environment, and from the aspects of nature that help us find our place in the world. What I mean by that is the way in which we connect with art and color, music and sound, the harmony and awareness we gain through meditation and movement, martial arts – these are experiences that tap into our life-force.

As we develop into adults, one of our goals is to be able to provide these regenerative moments of self-growth for our own, through our hobbies, through the activities that bring us closer to our true selves. But the impetus for growth and development of that essential core stems from our relationships with others throughout our lives – that is the fodder. As we grow and develop our boundaries and character traits that provide us a sense of self and a shield in this tumultuous world, we define ourselves against others. We build identities and social connections that divide us as much as they unite us with people around us – it is simply part of how we live in the world, part of how we structure language and more primordial social strictures. These boundaries are important to our development, but they also hinder our deeper connections in the world. Through various practices that reconnect us to the energetic frequencies that subtend life, we loosen the hold of these boundary zones. By making new relationships with people different from ourselves or starting a new hobby, we can change the energy frequency around us, as well as create new neural pathways, and move ourselves out of ruts that restrict us on all levels. Art and music therapies (even the simple act of looking and listening with intention) help us connect directly to the energy frequencies around us that excite us at a molecular and physiological level, moving our energy flow more robustly thus giving us a healthy boost to change established patterns.

All of these methods help us break down the boundaries of the ego, of our consciousness, which provides a doorway to healing and growth through energy transfer. Ketamine infusion provides another avenue to help breakdown the ego boundaries, the layers of consciousness that at times keep us so restricted as to lead to highly disruptive mental health concerns, such as severe depression and PTSD. There is an aspect of the dissociative affect that Ketamine produces which helps blurry the boundaries between self and other, providing a new perspective of oneself that can be transformative. For a free consultation to discuss the benefits of Ketamine Infusion treatment for mental health and pain management concerns, please schedule an appointment today. We want to help you find your rhythm in life.


Wellness is also a State of Mind

Wellness is also a State of Mind

Have you felt that excitement, that energy in your belly, when something happens that feels so right? As if it were meant to be. When your choices coincide with a feeling of purpose, for example, you are in fact connecting with a deeper energy within yourself. With that connection comes more awareness of intuitive moments, when the thing you need seems to pop out at you at the right moment. As you experience these excited states of consciousness with growing awareness you become more in-tune with the energy field that surrounds you, energy that subtends all matter. By tapping into that core, by building your emotional intelligence and the connection with your energy center, you begin to feel more grounded, more self-assured. Ultimately, becoming better able to give and receive love, from yourself and others.

Foundational energy is the source of that love and connection. Ketamine infusions work by helping patients get in touch with that energy field. For what constitutes the mystical? How do we understand transcendental experiences? What makes up that aspect of such experiences that one can single out as being the mystical element? I understand that essence as representing our direct connection to the foundational source of life, of all that exists – to energy in motion. We experience a transcendental journey as a dissolution of our sense of a physical boundary, such as the experience evoked by Ketamine. This dissolution of our ego-consciousness allows us to connect more directly to our energy core. When I think about mystical experiences such as Sufi whirling for example, a form of movement meditation, I think about the function of movement. The twirling leads to a trance-like state as they circle one another mimicking the cosmic energy and contemplating the Creator. Movement transports them to a space where they are no longer focused on the boundaries of their body. Instead they are carried by the energetic power that surrounds them, as each ego dissolves into the diffuse connection produced by the swirl of bodies moving in rhythmic tandem. Equally energizing is the transcendental essence that emanates from the sound journey invoked by meditative tones and native instruments. This method of promoting wellness through meditative music (the sound journey) uses the impact of vibrations to stir our energy fields, our chakras in succession from the root to the crown. This helps one connect with our deeper energy core, as we dissolve our mind focus and melt into the rhythmic vibrations that sound waves produce. Energy (which constitutes our bodies at the core) is released and realigned through the manipulation of frequencies that sound generates, creating a sensation of grounding one’s center that music therapy can produce.

Wellness and growth comes from renewed energy. We can develop new energy within ourselves by learning new activities that engage us, or trying new modes of being that relax the mind and help ground us. We are now experiencing renewed energy in the field of mental health and pain management stirred by Ketamine infusion treatment. The experiences evoked by Ketamine can help you establish these connections of wellbeing thus healing the emotional and energetic core. The process can lead to new perspectives and realignment of priorities.

We invite individuals in need of additional mental health support to explore further the multifaceted healing aspects of energy release that Ketamine provides. As well as to those seeking renewed treatment options in pain management. Call today to schedule your free consultation with a Ketamine Health Centers physician and revitalize your path to wellness.


Ketamine Infusions: Transforming Mental Health

Ketamine Infusions: Transforming Mental Health

The history of Ketamine in the mental health field dates back 50 years. In the 1960s it was FDA approved as a dissociative anesthetic. Due to this dissociative aspect, Ketamine began to be explored within the mental health field in the 1970s, as well as within the discipline of psychology. It was primarily used in medical communities outside of the United States where various psychotherapeutic methodologies were explored more widely. In those early years, Ketamine was found to produce positive results within the discipline of psychiatry and psychotherapy, and as a vehicle for exploration of the ego/Self within the field of transpersonal psychology. Its efficacy in various realms of medicine and healing is well documented, although at that time Ketamine was often used in tandem with other medicinal plants and synthetic combinations. Research and use in the psychiatric field became more common place in the U.S. at the turn of this century. Extensive double-blinded, placebo controlled studies were undertaken, mainly looking at depression but also within pain management research. It is now being used in a wide variety of settings and for a range of conditions on the mental health spectrum, and continues to produce results for pain management. For a detailed exploration of the history and current medical use of Ketamine, I encourage you to read the The Ketamine Papers: Science, Therapy, and Transformation.

There is renewed energy and more than a little hope on the horizon as Ketamine helps us understand more deeply the connections between mind-body-spirit or wellbeing. The overall goal with Ketamine infusions is to evoke a dissociative process that takes place on a neuro-cognitive level, and helps establish an existential stance towards one’s perspective of the Self and the world around them. To evoke a new way of seeing things. One that leads to more depth of self-reflection, and ultimately to the goal of greater understanding of self and others.

Ketamine Health Centers provides you the tools and guidance to work through depression, other mental health conditions, or pain management from a holistic perspective that utilizes this FDA approved medication with an overall approach to wellness and wellbeing. The consultation process is in part where you will discuss how to supplement the work of the Ketamine infusions between treatments, for this is a vital part of creating efficacy and duration of the effects of the infusion. Along with your clinician, you will discuss ways to tailor your experience and establish follow-up sessions. Ketamine infused experiences ought to be augmented by a multifaceted approach to wellness and wellbeing through diet, movement meditation, relaxation methods, breathing techniques or more traditional meditation; along with talk therapy in the follow-up sessions, and perhaps further reflection through writing exercises.

Together these modes of being, of releasing, realigning and recharging our energy, help us build our inner core and provide the mindset to mitigate emotional stress and everyday worries. And with time and practice, and at times through the support that augmented therapies such as Ketamine infusions provide, you will start to create your inner peace. The goal is to learn to stand calm in the midst of a storm, simply letting it wash over you, unmoved, but not unchanged.

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