Standing Stronger Together

One of the hallmarks of depression, and mental illness in general, is the isolation that one feels. Feeling as if we face our burdens all alone. Thinking that no one could possibly understand the depths of despair that one may reach. The added social stigma that surrounds mental health care makes it seem as if this is undoubtedly true. Yet, when one begins to reach out for support and open oneself up to the necessary states of vulnerability that speaking our truth requires, we quickly come to realize that we are surrounded by countless of individuals who struggle with life’s challenges at one level or another. It is only a matter of degrees that may separate one’s challenges from the person standing next to you. This is particularly true for youth who already face the difficulties of finding their voice in this world, and developing their identity, almost always with a perceived need to mask their weaknesses for fear of rejection. And as we well know, with all the discourse on ‘toxic masculinity’ in the face of the me-too movement, it is more difficult for men of all ages to share their struggles for fear of greater isolation due to gender stereotypes.

Thankfully, this discourse has had the positive effect of allowing us to confront the social stigma of mental health with courage and conviction. Recognizing that together we stand stronger, more resilient. That by establishing a supportive web we heal more quickly as we work through our challenges and find cathartic strength and solidarity in helping others. There are a growing number of men’s support groups across college campuses and various communities, that provide a lifeline for men, young and old, sharing their challenges with mental illness, or the toxic social strictures they may have experienced. There are more youth organizations to help individuals of all stripes find their voice and speak their truth in a climate that is becoming increasingly hostile to their sexual identity or gender transitions (a rapid reversal of the hard-fought social progress witnessed not that long ago). Thankfully, there are more early education programs aimed to help young children with anxiety and depression, and the devastating challenges of growing up with addiction in their homes. And women suffering from sexual abuse and/or domestic violence are finding more supportive social networks to address their needs. The growing awareness that these groups bring to us on a larger societal scale is helping breakdown the barriers to mental health care, as we find that we are stronger together. Supportive community groups, often in combination with more traditional therapeutic avenues, provide a lifeline for so many individuals facing mental disorders and traumas in life.

Ketamine Health Centers is proud to provide a supportive network of clinics throughout Florida to educate and engage individuals in their path to healing. By providing a variety of alternative treatment options, we seek to stand with you, to help you build your resilience and together work through your life challenges, providing cutting edge therapeutic treatment. Contact us today (305-856-9442) for a consultation to learn how ketamine infusion therapy can help you or a loved one establish your ground. 

Overcoming Suicidal Ideation with Ketamine Therapy

Overcoming Suicidal Ideation with Ketamine Therapy

On September 10th, we bring attention to the epidemic of suicide with World Suicide Prevention Day. During this month of September, we highlight the national problem and its devastating effects on our society. But as the WHO’s report states, “Suicide is a global public health issue. All ages, sexes and regions of the world are affected (and) each loss is one too many”. It is a symptom of the lack of resources and education for mental health issues that affect all individuals around the globe. When suicide takes the life of “one person every 40 seconds”, we can only assume that we are not doing enough to help our children grow into healthy individuals. “It is the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year olds”. That is staggering.  We are losing our future generation the world over to immense stress and pain.

Only recently we have begun to bring more attention to and create educational fronts to establish wellbeing across the cultural divides. But more needs to be done to help the countless individuals suffering in silence. We must lift the stigma that surrounds mental health to include a much wider net of care and solutions to the symptoms of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and the painful reduction in quality of life that leads so many individuals into states of hopelessness. We must provide opportunities for our young and growing adults to learn to express themselves and develop core strengths, and to learn the important coping skills in life that take practice to establish. We need to teach growth mindset and resilience, and provide healthy outlets to release stress, along with a safe place to discuss painful and traumatic experiences – as a regular aspect of their lives. By necessity, government programs and policies must be created and/or properly funded to increase access to mental health care for individuals who need additional support in the form of treatment.

However, individuals that do seek help, so often challenged with major depression and/or post-traumatic stress disorder, and who are receiving medication still suffer from suicidal ideation.“About one in five patients with major depressive disorder experienced high or fluctuating suicidal ideation despite receiving antidepressant treatment for 12 weeks, according to results published in Journal of Clinical Psychiatry”. Which partly explains why suicide is such a great problem globally.  Even individuals who are seeking mental health treatment may not benefit from traditional psychiatric medications. Thankfully, there are new and more effective tools available to us that relieve individuals of these symptoms of suicidal ideation. 

Ketamine infusion therapy, and especially Ketamine assisted psychotherapy, provides proven results and great promise for overcoming the epidemic of suicide. Of patients who have tried ketamine infusion therapy, over 95% have reported that suicidal ideation abated after just one infusion. That is amazing promise for individuals who are suffering greatly. Using this effective treatment method in combination with lifestyle changes, and wellness strategies (in addition to other prescribed treatments as needed) provides a lifeline for individuals suffering from suicidal thoughts. We at Ketamine Health Centers are dedicated to providing cutting edge treatment that works. By offering this new medical tool, we help our clients find relief as they begin to open up a space in their lives to continue the deeper work of holistic living. Call or set up an appointment today for a free consultation to learn more about Ketamine infusion treatment and how it can help you find your path to wellness.


An 8-point check on Wellness

An 8-point check on Wellness

The month of August is National Wellness Month. An appropriate time of year to take stock of where we stand and where we’re heading in life. In the short term, as we start to gear up for an often-hectic fall season, it’s vitally important to evaluate how our needs have changed over the year, and how we can best meet them now. Yet also looking at our long-term goals and setting new sights for the years to come. A helpful way to begin this reflective process is by focusing on eight wellness dimensions. Because one’s well-being is so much more than reaching and maintaining physical and emotional health. Holistic wellness requires that we focus on all aspects of living to help establish meaning and purpose. This process is especially important for young adults in a critical period of their lives – perhaps starting college this month. A time when the choices made either open doors to a bright future or takes one down dead-end roads that require more time and energy to reroute from.

The eight areas of emphasis are the Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social and Spiritual dimensions of wellness. An introspective focus on each of these aspects of our lives can lead to genuine happiness. The foundational ground of wellness centers on the mind body soul connections that shape and are shaped by our unique niches in the natural/material world; and both guide and are guided by the inner worlds that we inhabit as we grow into our authentic Self. This 8-dimensional web produces a system of self-care that rounds out our needs and desires, and shapes our actions with a goal-oriented vision.

Our Physical health is determined by our genetics, our diet, our ways of being in the world. And of course, is the most immediate and foundational ground for wellness. Also, perhaps the easiest check on our well-being because of the many ways we can measure and improve it. From this ground flows all the other points that allow us to self-actualize as we grow. Each dimension carries its own weight in establishing meaningful directions in our life. 

Emotional wellness is the sphere most influenced by all the others, as we learn to mitigate the pressures each of us face. Different for all because of the varying physical, environmental and social factors. Building up our character strengths and learning to honor our unique gifts (our emotional intelligence) prepares us for life’s endless challenges. When we’re filled with purpose, we use our talents to help others, however indirectly it may be, which ties into our Environmental, Social and Spiritual wellness checks. These three dimensions are shaped by our interactions, our relationships with others, with the divine, with the world around us. 

Focusing in on our relationships with others, and with our connections to nature and the spiritual ground of our existence, helps us hone our physical & emotional needs. Which the cultural and social institutions that we establish for ourselves can either bolster or strip away. Each of us requires a healthy and robust environment to help support our dietary and mental health goals; underpinned by traditions (often spiritual in nature) and institutions that allow us to find our purpose and make a difference in this world.

The wellness dimensions that we can shape perhaps most directly with our unique experiences are those of our Financial, Intellectual and Occupational frameworks. Intellectual wellbeing is not simply shaped by our cognitive and mental health development, but also by our values and how we come to understand the world and our place in it. Especially important for young adults, as it is fundamental to our continual growth, is to view knowledge as an end goal; not simply a means to financial wellbeing. Occupational wellness involves not just finding fulfilling work that allows you to use your intellect and provides financial stability. More importantly, your career or favorite hobby should allow you to develop your capabilities to happily enjoy life and provide meaning and purpose. Financial wellness opens the door to help bolster emotional and physical health for us and our families. We come full circle to growing our core self by using our unique attributes. Financial wellness also involves planning for our future goals, and responsibly using our wealth (however limited) to continue the work of self-growth, caring for others, and creating a joyful and fulfilling life. 

Ketamine Health Centers is committed to helping individuals work through their challenges and establish wellness in all dimensions of life.




We are entering that lull brought on by the intense heat of midsummer that forces you to slow your Self down; to breathe more deeply, more intentionally to break through the malaise. Despacito (slowly) and purposefully, let’s take a moment to reflect on the way in which our rhythms, that of our bodies and of our days, respond to energy around us. This time of year it is important to eat more fresh, cold fruits and dishes that juxtapose against the slow simmer of a summer day. Especially with the ever so hectic rhythm of our daily lives, which take us away from moments of reflection and calm that refresh our mind and spirit. A cold fruit drink to spring our bodies back from the slump of the heat, embracing the coolness as it coats us, is one way to re-energize our body.

So too can we help our minds refocus on the present when we let go of our preoccupations with the what-ifs of our past. For some of us, finding the peaceful calm to enjoy life’s present moment can be a greater challenge. It eludes us, or moves over us too quickly to positively harness it to our psychic needs. Often times we simply do not hear the rhythm of our spirit loudly enough to know what those needs are. Establishing a space to hear our bodies and minds speak our spiritual truth is a lifelong process. Creating that meditative rhythm takes time and practice. But it is by virtue of surpassing that threshold that one reaches a state of embodiment, when our mind, body and soul begin to align and create a synergistic energy within us. One that provides new perspective of our Self and our surroundings. That meditative state can come from many pleasurable activities beyond what you think of when meditation is mentioned. It’s not just the cross-legged yogi stance. Meditative walking, walking with a focus on one’s breathing and body rhythm is a great way to enjoy nature and harness additional health benefits. Music and art therapies bring the mind into focus, aligning our energies with expressive modes of being. Eating slowing, with purpose, mindfully enjoying each texture, sensing each flavor, brings a new pleasure to what can be a mundane activity. Despacito, slowly enjoying the small pleasures of life with mindful intention reenergizes us.

Still for others, additional help may be needed to open up our synapses to the anticipation of pleasure, and Ketamine infusion treatment can help. A press release put out by the National Institute of Health a few years ago highlights the promising treatment that Ketamine infusion provides for individuals who suffer from anhedonia (the loss of the ability to look forward to pleasurable activities). Ketamine infusions help by boosting activity inthe dorsal anterior cingulate cortex and related circuitry. Creating that space for meditative and pleasure-seeking activities is possible for individuals facing depression, PTSD and other mental health challenges. Please contact one of our offices today for a free consultation to learn how Ketamine infusion, and other treatments offered at Ketamine Health Centers, can help you or your loved one.


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