There is a hard, individualistic, proudly American spirit in our cultural subconscious that makes it more challenging for many among us to show vulnerability. There is most definitely a stigma for men to show “weakness” and sometimes even love, though thankfully I see that changing with each passing generation. Some subcultures more than others within our communities suffer from a silence of compassion and support. And as a body politic (looking at ourselves from a socio-political perspective) we are suffering mind, body and spirit.

As we enter the month of love and friendship, I want to encourage you to speak from the heart with those most dear to you. Take the time to let them know what they mean to you. Yet, more importantly, I challenge you to open yourself up and let yourself be seen more deeply, loved more deeply.

Especially by your own Self, freely expressing your hopes, dreams, insecurities and shortcomings; or at least start by being honest with yourself about them. It is only when we can honestly stand before our darkest self and embrace what we see with love and forgiveness, and a sense of ‘I am special for who I am, quirks and all’, that we will begin to express love more freely. It is from this position of internal strength that we can positively shape how we interact with the world and with others. Forming a balance with how we develop our core, and how we emanate our true self out in the world, while being open to the influences of other rich perspectives, and of love and connection.

Our ontology, our foundational spiritual and quantum worldviews, reveal a rich tapestry of interconnected energies, truths, and cultural expressions. The world we understand through our medical and cognitive science research, evolutionary and developmental biology, our qualitative research in psychology; and our life-long paths to living faith and learning science, and the fertile intersections of knowledge and wisdom – all point to the same fundamental truth of our interconnected world, at all depths and breadths of our understanding. I do think part of the human experience, part of the why we are here, involves our ability to embrace our Self as a unique being, as someone intrinsically worthy of love, and capable of bringing forth talents and gifts that shape who we are. As a society we have thrived on the synergistic energy of love and human suffering expressed through art, and social/cultural movements. Infinitely seeking ways to express, expound on, and emanate our worth and our desire to connect with others in deep, meaningful ways.

But so many struggle in this aspect of our journey of self-discovery. I have struggled. We all do at some point in our life. I invite you to watch Brené Brown’s Ted Talk to hear her fabulous story about how she came to terms with, and truly began to understand the power of vulnerability, of courage, and the compassion that we first owe ourselves.

Many people feel too isolated to begin this difficult – but ever so important – journey in our lives. I invite you to learn more about how Ketamine Infusion Treatment can help you begin that journey, with the support of a compassionate team here to help you strengthen your core.

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