Ketamine infusion therapy has shown to be a remarkable new tool for physicians who help patients facing very challenging mental health issues. Our clients regularly share their sentiments of relief at finally finding a treatment that works for them after so many years of failed therapies. We are especially happy to hear their success stories and examples of transformations after treatment. But Ketamine infusion therapy by itself has a drawback in the length of time the treatment is effective. It has a somewhat low efficacy rate unless infusions are combined with other lifestyle changes or therapeutic methods.

One of the best ways to increase the healing possibilities that Ketamine infusions can provide is to include it with traditional psychotherapy, talk therapy if you will, in order to assist the patient on several fronts. A therapist helps guide a patient through the process more directly. And provides a safety anchor for those who experience anxiety or negative feelings that can emerge during an infusion session. Especially as one begins to do the psychological work and delve deeper in order to uncover the core factors that contribute to one’s current state of health. Therapist as guide is a very important part of the healing process for patients suffering from depression and PTSD, in particular.

There is a reassuring sense that one can let go more easily, as well, if there is a guide to ensure our safety. It gives us permission to take more risks in what we allow ourselves to see and come to understand. During Ketamine assisted psychotherapy the patient will likely encounter imagery and sensations that do not make a world of sense at times. Including an interpreter in the process can be very helpful, and can lead to cathartic moments if one is able to see what our psyche is trying to show us more clearly. A therapist can help interpret some of those symbols with you and more fully explore their deeper meanings.

We have tried to have patients write down their experiences after an infusion treatment and, or simply, discuss with the attending physician what they experienced. But many cannot find the words to recreate the imagery once they are out of a session. It seems to flow best, and provide more for the therapist to work with, when a patient can share their experiences in mid-session. Not having to rely on memory, but instead on metaphor.

These sessions can open a door to new insights and perspectives that one may not come to understand as quickly, or at all perhaps, if done alone. But during Ketamine assisted psychotherapy one can move further in-depth to better understand the factors at play. Or at the very least open new patterns of thought, given new perspectives, which can motive necessary lifestyle changes.

Ketamine assisted psychotherapy can provide tremendous healing potential for numerous ailments. Especially if one can couple it with meditation prior to beginning a treatment session. This practice improves the efficacy of the treatment by helping patients create a healing space in the mind made possible through the meditative arts. Together Ketamine assisted psychotherapy and meditation can lead to longer lasting effects of treatment for all patients. Call today, or set up an appointment online at, one of our Ketamine Health Centers and find out how to expand your current treatment plan to include Ketamine assisted psychotherapy.


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