In our hyperpolarized world, it is ever more important to actively practice a change in perspectives. Especially, if we are ever to reestablish balance, and approach the Other with respect and decency. Role-playing various perspectives can be an eye-opening experience that can also serve you well when making difficult choices. You’ve heard, no doubt, the suggestion to take a walk when you’re stuck or when faced with something you just can’t figure out. Stepping away from your intense focus on a particular issue allows your mind to disengage and loosen its grip on an entrenched idea. The space that opens up when you change your scenery, and see with fresh eyes, gives your mind the opportunity to make new connections, to allow you to see something that was not apparent before. Or simply to clear your thoughts and allow you to refocus on something new that provides a way forward. That is a passive way to change your perspective and help your mind process information differently, often resulting in a ‘Eureka’ moment.

Role-playing is an active method to help you reach other points of view, or other facts that will help you see things in a different light. One suggestion, I read recently, is to imagine 3 or 4 fictional characters taking on your task. Say you are having a difficult time deciding how best to complete a project that you know will meet resistance from others. Imagine your scenario from the perspective of an elderly woman, a Greek philosopher, the first female leader of a nation, a poor peasant – the more culturally and historically diverse the better. These wildly diverse character filters will force you to see your problem from very different life perspectives. Be as creative and far-fetched as you can in order to stretch your mind to focus on a multitude of factors. Such a diverse group of filters will help you consider consequences to your decision that you likely have not thought of, thus expanding your mind. This is a fun and useful exercise, and also serves to keep your mind flexible and open to new ideas. It can be easily adapted to consider diverse social viewpoints that could help you bridge the gap with polar opposite individuals.

Ketamine infusion therapy proves to be effective along these lines of helping expand the mind after experiencing a new way of being in the world. Ketamine helps dislodge entrenched neuropathways via an expansion of one’s sense of self that occurs during the process of ‘ego dissolution’. Many clients have shared experiences of seeing anew regarding their lives, after sensing they are part of something larger than themselves. New ways of seeing, of sensing one’s ground, provides new pathways to help establish alternate ways of living. Especially when lifestyle changes accompany one’s treatment. The expansion of one’s mind often coincides with a change in perspective and opens a space for healing on a deep-rooted level. To learn more about how ketamine infusion therapy can expand your possibilities for mental and emotional rebalance, please contact one of our Ketamine Health Centers today.

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