It’s the end of the decade. To a certain extent, it’s the end of an era. It’s fascinating to look at our trajectory since the turn of the century, for it certainly feels as if we are at a crossroads entering 2020. As we move solidly into the 21st century, we can’t help but reflect on where we’ve come and where we are heading. There is a historical weight at present that brings us to a point of closure and requires an open eye to the future.

If you are a Star Wars fan, no doubt you are reminiscing about what this cultural phenomenon has meant to you and your childhood or your children’s. There is a buzz around the sunset of this story that in a very real way forms a bridge between the end of the 20th century, pocked by previous centuries of nation-building and war machines, to the rebellious spirit that marks the start of the 21st century as we moved into a new era of geopolitics. There is a nostalgia that looms as we say goodbye to this amazing galactic world that we know will continue to be a force in our lives. Its influence has been that widespread in our culture.

As we round out the decade, we also face a historical political moment that highlights the changes to our social and political landscapes, as they have been transformed by the digital era. There is a need for reflection; an earnest need to reshape our trajectory given the very real local politics that we face as we tackle huge challenges ahead. Coming to a crossroads elicits a Janus stance to establish a delicate balance between honoring tradition and stability and embracing change and new cycles. So too must we embrace new perspectives that carry with them the weight of experience and growth through change. We must prepare our minds and bodies for the demands that a nimble future will present us.

Reflecting on the past with an eye to the future allows an open, but rooted approach to manage the many areas in our lives that require attention and refocus. Life feels out of balance at the crossroads. In the final analysis, we realize that we must care for ourselves and for the social fabric that subtends us (through our relationships with others) with a healthy equilibrium. We cannot lose sight of the threads that tie us, nor can we be tethered by them. That balance of stability and growth, or tradition and possibility, often through the unknown, is what we honor in various cultural (holiday) traditions. What marks each tradition that I can think of around the globe is the connection with family and friends that comes about through fellowship and gathering around food, sustenance for our body and soul. And the honoring of traditions that unite us and provide a ground for us to reflect on our past, as well as looking to our future promise in part by instilling these connections in the youngest generation.

As we start to say farewell to 2019, to another decade, let us reflect on the blessings that have touched us, and the ways we have helped create a brighter future. There is immense possibility for holistic and synergistic growth leading to new patterns of living. And we are here to move that paradigm of growth forward. Ketamine Health Centers would like to wish you all growth and stability in health this holiday season!

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