Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Ketamine infusions have been successfully used to treat CRPS symptoms for over 10 years. Ketamine has a very selective effect on relieving pain due to CRPS without causing prolonged sedation or respiratory depression.

CRPS is a pain syndrome, where symptoms are generated by intense and prolonged painful stimulus, causing an increase in the release of the neuro-transmitter glutamate. Ketamine blocks glutamate, and by doing so, it not only decreases pain from CRPS, but it also decreases the central sensitization that develops in the disorder. This is why ketamine can bring weeks and months of relief after multiple infusions.

Facts about Ketamine use for treating CRPS:

Safe & Effective

Ketamine infusions have been reported to be safe and efficacious for the management of refractory CRPS in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Ongoing Relief

In one study of 20 patients, complete remission of CRPS symptoms were observed in all patients at 1 month and in the majority of patients at 6 months.

Decreases Pain, Improves Mood

Intractable CRPS is often associated with major depression. Ketamine infusions can decrease the pain component and improve symptoms of depression.

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