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Find Relief From PTSD In Florida

Breakthrough treatment with lasting results for PTSD is now available in South Florida. Ketamine Health Centers aims to reduce PTSD related suffering with a special travel treatment package. Are you ready to regain control?

Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB)

Research has shown that SGB can effectively eliminate debilitating symptoms.

SGB treatments reset the brain to baseline or pre-traumatic levels by working directly on the nerves that mediate these responses. Results vary per patient, but with minimal risks and no major side effects, this treatment helps patients regain control of their life! 

Higher Success Rates

After our 30 minute Stellate Ganglion Block treatment, more than 78.6% success rates in PTSD patients compared to traditional methods.

Reset Fight or Flight Response

The SGB treatment resets the brain to pre-traumatic levels and results can occur within 30 minutes post-treatment.

Reduce the Symptom Severity

Benefits may include: improved quality of life, better sleeping habits, decreased alcohol use, healthier relationships and more! 

Many Conditions Can Benefit

Anxiety, Depression, Nicotine Dependence, Migraines, Facial Pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Hot Flashes, Hyperhidrosis

Why is SGB Superior?

The entire office visit can take from an hour to an hour and a half. The actual minimally-invasive procedure is only a fraction of that time.

Traditional methods do not address the underlying causes of PTSD, they simply mask the symptoms by releasing the molecules missing in the body. This release is supplemental and does not address the reasons why these molecules are insufficient in the first place. The SGB treatment works to reset the fight or flight system in the body to help restore function.

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