Relief from Chronic Migraines and Headaches

Ketamine Health Centers understands debilitating migraine effects and their consequences on our mental health. It may feel like the stress and anxiety that surrounds your migraine is hard to escape, our migraine solutions are proven to help gain control!

Stop Migraines Before They Start

Botox is approved by the FDA for headache and migraine prevention!

Treatments are personalized — they are determined by your anatomy and specific trigger points where your migraine pain originates from. Using a very small needle, our team of trained medical professionals inject botulinum toxin into the tiny muscles under your skin throughout various areas around your face, head and neck.

Results  and  relief can take  several weeks and multiple treatments. Some patients may require regular treatments, but many patients have discontinued injections without frequent migraines returning.

Treatment Injections

Treatments may involve 31 injections in seven key shallow areas.

Treatment Candidacy

Those who have 15+ migraines per month and find no relief from medications.

Treatment Results

Botox can reduce migraine frequency by 50% to 80% and can lasts for about three months.

Treatment Time

Treatment for migraines takes approximately 20 minutes to perform.

Treatment Recovery

Sore neck and muscle weakness in the upper shoulders/neck are possible.

Treatment Routine

For most, maximum benefit is experienced after the second or third treatment.

Migraine Prevention Starts Here

Migraine Targeted Nutritional IV

In addition to our Botox relief treatment, migraine prevention can be achieved with our migraine infusion! This nutritional IV contains the nutrients and hydration your body needs in order to perform optimally – it targets specific health needs linked to chronic migraines using a catered blend of vitamins and minerals. This IV can help with ongoing migraine maintenance, keeping you in a state of relief longer.

What is a Migraine?

A migraine is a common condition that causes debilitating headaches that can last  from four to 72 hours. Unlike regular headaches, migraines are intense and can cause symptoms including nausea, vomiting, light and sound sensitivity, numbness, tingling, and trouble speaking.

What are my Treatment Options?

At Ketamine Health Centers, you have the option of trying any of our migraine treatments as a package or individually: Botox or Migraine Nutritional Infusions. With the flexibility to cater to your migraine needs, relief is possible and can be maintained based on trigger schedule.

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