Replenish and Restore with

NAD+ Infusion Therapy

Elevate your mood and reverse feelings of depression/anxiety. Ketamine Health Centers’ IV NAD+ treatment is highly effective in replenishing your body and restoring the mind. 

What is NAD+ Infusion Therapy?

Naturally produced in the body and found in every cell, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) plays a role in your overall health by affecting your energy, metabolism, DNA repair, gene expression, and immune function. With age and increases stress, NAD levels decline, causing a decrease in basic cell functions which become evident physically and mentally.  Replenishing your body’s NAD intravenously can help you on a cellular level!  

How Does it Work?

NAD+ infusions are 100% safe and provide your body with 100% bioavailability. Typically, sessions can last from 2-6 hours – depending on your individual tolerance. We recommend multiple consecutive sessions for the best results. 

Promote Anti-aging

NAD is an anti-aging molecule because of the many important roles it plays in promoting health and prolonging lifespan.

Actively Enhance Brain Function

By helping cells regenerate, mental sharpness has been reported, contributing to overall improved mental health.

Boost Energy and Metabolism

Chronic fatigue can be reduced by infusing this energizing co-enzyme into the body, contributing to a healthy metabolism.

Jumpstart Your Body and Mental Health

NAD+ infusions can help in healing your body and brain by replenishing cells that have been negatively affected by age and stress. Intravenous infusions are the most efficient way to deliver NAD into the bloodstream, where it is absorbed quickly.

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