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Watch the following videos to learn more about ketamine’s amazing healing potential.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, May Nuñez, talks about Ketamine infusion therapy and how it can help patients find relief.

Watch as our Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Dennis Diaz, details the entire process — from our meticulous safety precautions, to the careful monitoring our dedicated practitioners provide for all patients who seek our guidance and support during their recovery journey.

Dr. Francisco Cruz, our double board certified psychiatrist, explains how ketamine works. Watch as Dr. Cruz explains how ketamine affects the glutamate receptor, leading to the production of an important growth factor, and, in turn, brain repair and stress relief.

In this video, our board certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Raul Cruz gives a quick overview of how ketamine is safely administered in a clinical setting, and the promising benefits it can bring to those who are struggling with some of the most debilitating mental health conditions.


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