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Life Changing Therapies

Mental health and chronic pain conditions have debilitating affects on individuals and families. Those suffering from these conditions have found life changing results in our treatment resistant and chronic condition therapies. Your goals become our goals every step of the way.   

Treatments for Many Common Conditions

Major Depression

Bipolar Depression

Severe Anxiety

Suicidal Ideations


Fibromyalgia and Pain



Better Days Are Possible

Our team combines mental health and anesthesia professionals to help you regain control and start living again. This allows us to personalize your experience at any of our Florida based centers. Are you ready to find balance in your life? 

Ketamine IV Therapy For Depression

Clinic Services

Ketamine Health Centers is the industry leader in cutting edge mental health and chronic pain condition therapies. Our team combines 20+ years of holistic medicine and elite psychiatry to help our patients regain control. 

Ketamine IV

Low dose treatment with long lasting results for treatment resistant conditions 


Pulsatile magnetic stimulation to dormant parts of the brain for mood regulation

Spravato Nasal Spray

FDA approved for those with depressive symptom

Therapy & Psychiatry

Licensed professionals, focused on a broad range of specialties


Eliminate debilitating symptoms for PTSD and other conditions

Wellness Services

Nutritional infusions, enhancement boosters, & wellness assessments

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